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The confraternity supports its ordinary expenses through the contribution of all its members, who annually pay a registration fee. This is used for the ordinary administration of the association.

Along with this, however, the confraternity has the task of preparing and managing the annual festivities for the Madonna delle Grazie in may and september. Especially the religious and civil initiatives in may require a considerable financial commitment, which goes beyond what the annual membership fees can support.

For this reason the confraternity puts in place a whole series of initiatives aimed at covering the necessary expenses. These are: begging; the collection of sponsors; and the lottery. With the begging, the members of the confraternity go house to house and ask the people of Artena for a free and spontaneous contribution. The same goes for the collection of sponsors, this time asking for support from the companies and commercial activities that insist on the territory of Artena, which, then, will see their “advertising” appear in the sponsors’ booklet, which will be donated during the begging. With the lottery, on the other hand, the tickets are sold and then extracted: the winners will be given the relative prizes that some activities offer, or that are purchased by the same confraternity.

Like any “good father of a family”, the confraternity will then organize religious and civil festivities based on what it has actually managed to collect with these initiatives.

We all know well that Our Lady is not so much interested in the party, but in the devotion and affection that her devotees feel for her. It is equally true, however, that these festivities, whether religious or civil, are precisely the expression of affection for Our Lady and therefore, even if they are not as important as the spiritual and liturgical dimension, they still have their emotional value.

Starting from the beginning of the year 2023, the summaries of the annual reports of the confraternity will be published on this site, to give everyone a way to know how the money that is devotedly offered to support the initiatives around the devotion to the Madonna delle Grazie.

On this occasion, we want to thank all the people who, in secret, offer their time and money for the smooth running of the ordinary life of the brotherhood and for the organization and conduct of the festivities for the Madonna delle Grazie.

Below you can find the bank details to make a transfer as a donation to the confraternity.


IBAN: IT38U0510438920CC0020521650


Bank: Banca Popolare del Lazio